Bento Head Updates Log

Daniel Head Updates 21 Feb. 2017:
All Male skins are now updated to be compatible with Clef de Peau body appliers. If you still want to stick to the L’etre ones which you already have please do not delete your old Master HUD and you still can use it for all my current and future male heads. To get the updates you can use the redelivery at CATWA main store.

Catya Head V2.10 Updates on 27 Jan. 2017:
-Neck size 24 was missing from the v2.09 I fixed it here.
-Under chin rig is smoother.
-Added Head with teeth version back.
-Re-Arranged the packages in contents.

Catya BubbleGum V2 Update on 30 Jan. 2017:
-HUD Updates:
-Added sizes buttons
-Added hide button to the chewed gum
-Added pose button
-Added Blow cheeks button
-Added minimize button
-Added resize HUD buttons
-BubbleGum Updates:
-Shape of the Bubble while blowing should be more rounded.

Kimberly Head V2.11 Updates on 28 Jan. 2017:
-Kimberly Head Updates:
-Refined the rig under chin and on lips corners, the change should not effect your custom shapes, it should only make it smoother.
-Removed the ears rig from the hide ears pieces so you can wear bento ears when head’s original ears are hidden.

Catya Head V2.09 Updates on 27 Jan. 2017:
Eye bags FIXED for custom shapes:
-As we promised in our very fist video to work more on the eyelids closing and eyelashes clipping that was due to the eyes rig. This issue can not be fixed unless if we edit the rigging. And when editing the rigging all old shapes will change that is why we promised to include the old rig and keep it ALWAYS up to date in case you didn’t like the new rig. In the v2.08 we changed the rig and got nice eyelids closing but then we got eye bags issues with some custom shapes when using heads sliders. Now we have changed the rig again on this version and there should be no more eye bags issues and also will have lovely lashes and lovely closed eyelids. If your shape by any chance has smaller eyes than the default shape then your eyelids might overlap and that’s due to bento limitations since animations can not detect the shape sliders.

Catya Head & Animations HUD [A] V2.08 Updates on 27 Jan. 2017:
Catya Teeth Add-On Updates on 27 Jan. 2017:

-Catya Head Updates:
-The rigging has be changed in order to have smother shape sliders and better closed eyelids.
-Old shapes that were created for Catya may change, So I will keep the old rig packed inside the head’s pack just in case someone did not like the new rig and will always keep it up to date. But we highly recommend using the new version.
-Smaller teeth size is added.
Animations HUD [A] Updates:
-Catya’s HUD has some eyes animations updated to work for the new rig.
-Gestures should not get bones stuck when done playing.
-Catya Teeth Add-On:
-Smaller sizes of each version are added.

Catya & Daniel Head V1.08 Updates on 17 Jan. 2017:
-Catya Head Updates:
-Added 2 versions of the head in the pack, for static and animated default lips.
-Daniel Head Updates:
-Added 2 versions of the head in the pack, for static and animated default lips.
-Talk animation should stop when typing is stopped.
-All HUDs:
-No changes done for any of them. They are all the same and they have the version number v1.06.

Daniel Head V1.07 Updates on 16 Jan. 2017:
-Daniel Head Updates:
-Found some issues with animations and gestures which did not work for all shapes, now all fixed. Those animations were:
-Serious talk animation.
-Sad expression.
-Expression number 19.
-Daniel HUDs:
-No changes done for any of them. They are all the same and they have the version number v1.06.

Catya Head V1.06 Updates on 25 Dec. 2016:
-Catya Head Updates:
-Due to multiple requests to bring back static default lips now we changed them back to static. I will try to add animated ones in a separate button in next update. You can stick to v1.05 until next update if you prefer animated ones.
-Added Default Reset gesture for who got used to the default reset which was in the animations HUD.

Catya Head and Animations HUD [A] V1.05 Updates on 24 Dec. 2016:
-Catya Head Updates:
-Eyelashes Clipping when eyes closed is fixed.
-Enhanced the open mouth expression.
-Talk animation will override all other animations.
-Added another talk animation to be Neutral and sad animations.
-Removed shape selection from Animations HUD. All animations will work for all shapes.
-Default lips are animated now.
-Added 15 full face expressions.
-Animations HUD [A] Add-On Updates:
-Added Four Exclusive gestures for Animations HUD [A] Add-On Pack.
-Presets Mood on the Animations HUD [A] are less so the HUD can handle the added 15 full face animations.

Catya Head V1.04 Updates on 6 Dec. 2016:
-Hard Reset HUD is added.

Catya Head V1.03 Updates on 14 Nov. 2016:
-Animations HUD Updates:
Changed all of the 9 expressions to be able to work for custom shapes.

Catya Head V1.02 Updates on 7 Nov. 2016:
-Animations HUD Updates:
 -Shape Button Added [Default or Custom shape], This is important! Please Choose which shape you are wearing with the head before starting to use the HUD/Head.
-One more talk animation is added to the head that can be used for Custom shapes. As mentioned above, make sure you choose the correct shape you are wearing. And the head should automatically switch the talk animations to the correct one.
-If you choose Custom shape, the 9 Moods [expressions] will be locked. The reason is because the expressions are created only to work with default shape [translation animations]. If you use them with your Custom shape they will override your custom shape and will get your bones stuck in there. In other word, it will give you a fake shape! Right click your avatar choose reset skeleton to see the correct Custom shape which you are wearing. Reset skeleton is something done locally on each viewer.   If you press “Reset Skeleton” it does NOT reset the skeleton for everyone else viewing your avatar.
Here is a list of bones that are partially or completely affected by sliders that move their position, and therefore may have those slider values overridden by translation animations that also affect position as well:

Catya Head V1.01 Updates on 5 Nov. 2016:
After many reports about the bones going back to default position when using my animations which I included in the head. I asked about that bones Bug, and I found out that there are,
Two kinds of Bento animations:
1-Bones Rotation ONLY:
    [Works for all kinds of custom shapes]
-This means I only rotate the bones while creating the animation. But the down side of it is that some of the animations created this way might look weird, not very pretty, of course not all kinds of animations, depends! The animations that can look pretty with only rotation are kinda limited!
2-Bones Rotation and Translation [Re-Position]:
   [Works for Default shape ONLY]
-Those kind of animations looks way prettier than rotation only, but the down side of it is that it will ONLY work for the default shape that I have included which I used while creating the Head and Animations.
-The Updates done for the Catya Head are:
-Two reset gestures added to the pack, for default shape and for custom shapes.
-All Default lips are replaced with Bones Rotations Animations ONLY, so they can work with all kinds of custom shapes.
-The reset button on the animations HUD should reset bones rotations only, so it can work with all kinds of custom shapes.
-All the rest of the animations are the same like before [rotation/translation] , they should work only with the default shape included in the pack.